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    Craft-Au-Lex specialises in historic, veteran, racing, street and hot-rod automotive electrical services. We prepare:

    • Entire wiring harnesses for any type of special vehicle.
    • Restoration of electrical systems and renewal services where possible.
    • Fuse and relay boxes for custom, hot-rod, racing and special purpose vehicles.
    • Restoration and repair of automotive components including switching, relays, motors, control units.
    • Preparation of modern electronic fuel injection system harnesses for racing, street, and hot-rods.
    • Consulting and preparation of Concourse d'Elegance wiring systems for any vehicle.

    Warren Lewington's experience spans thirty years of automotive electrical services. In the last few years, his skills have been rediscovered and become essential to classic car lovers, enthusiasts and mechanics dealing with the niche and enthusiast end of the car repair and restoration industry.

    Warren, the Chief Designer, began his automotive electrical career working on the 'good old days' vehicles, with generators, carburettors, distributors and points. His pathway into the trade included working with specialists in distributor preparation for racing cars, hot-rod wiring systems, then a specialist interest in building entire wiring harnesses from first principles - starting at a battery and a collection of parts from wrecking yards, and finishing with a reliable, original equipment manufacturing look and feel.

    Vehicles rewired or having wiring repairs over the years include:

    • Dodge truck (circa 1950).
    • Bolwell Nagaris and Mk VII.
    • Purvis Eureka.
    • Ford Capri V8 (Windsor) street machine.
    • Mazda RX7 drag car.
    • Austin truck (with GenIV GM V8).
    • Mazda R100.
    • Various historic racing cars (Elfins, Lotus, assorted specials).

    Warren then grew into and became an authority on the EFI and electronic control system revolution of the 1990s and early 2000s. In the intervening years, he concentrated on engineering and scientific work outside the automotive industry, until friends and enthusiasts called on him to "rescue" their cars from electrical problems. Warren is also a historian (researcher at Macquarie University) and as such, has unique research and analysis skills in the Australian automotive electrical restoration service industry.

    For example, he is currently assisting with the sourcing of Peugeot 1926 Quadrilette technical information from the Peugeot Archives in France during the restoration project being undertaken in 2016-2018.

    Warren is also actively involved in motor sport, regularly assisting Dean Tighe (Ivan Tighe Cams) and Allan Telfer manage their pit when running their historic cars (Bugatti, Lotus 7s, ex-Graham Hill Brabham BT38 F2), and is also a Historic Eligibility Officer for CAMS. He is an active member of the MX5 Club of NSW, and proudly owns 'Kermit the Mazda.'

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