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Saturday, 29 October 2016 11:02

Dapsco Pty Ltd has now been working with Access RnD Tax Solutions, a specialised consultancy dealing with the Australian R&D Tax Incentive submission process. The R&D Tax Incentive is a taxation rebate available to Australian companies undertaking legitimate research and development that is based on the scientific method.

We assist clients in creating their claim narrative, develop their claim submission in a way that demonstrates their R&D used the scientific method, asking a questions or forming a hypothesis, establishing and following an experimental method, collecting measurable results and finally, discussing conclusions. Also part of this process is the gathering of evidence supporting the R&D experimentation that was carried out.

An integral part of this system is demonstrating the R&D conducted created new knowledge not reasonably available on a worldwide basis, and was not a knowledge base that an industry expert could reasonably have predicted could be solved.

Another major point that is worth noting is that the program is open to any Australian company, undertaking R&D in Australia, and is a cash benefit.

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Memcor SM1 Water Filter PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 January 2010 21:45

The Memcor SM1 is a membrane filtration system designed to provide clean drinking water supplies in third world or disaster relief situations without requiring power or complex maintenance effort. The documentation is meant to be used by people in emergencies or in areas with limited English and low literacy standards. The documentation was submitted to the Society for Technical Communication awards to gain feedback. The feedback was a little bit more positive than expected; we won an International Merit Certificate! Along with compliments and some excellent feedback. Memcor, a division of Siemens, were thrilled with the achievement, which is especially regarded for the product is making an invaluable contribution towards providing reliable and safe drinking water to very vulnerable people.

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Tuesday, 05 January 2010 16:51

If you have a problem communicating to your clients about a product, system, process, or equipment, give us a call for a solution!

Some of the technical writing projects I have been involved with:

  1. Scientific Posters for Siemens-Memcor
  2. Water system documentation for Siemens Australia
  3. Preparing technical information (Repco Auto-Tech Encyclopedia)
  4. Preparing help files for proprietary software (Sigma Plus Consulting)
  5. Writing a help file system for IDS Enterprise Systems 'MotoV8' product
  6. Writing a user manual for Talman's Steel Supply Chain Management System
  7. Managing documentation for Metso Minerals
  8. Technical writing for Australia Post
  9. Managing documentation for Tyco Safety Products
  10. Designing, delivering manuals for a lane changing system
  11. Writing and compiling help files for a motorway management system
  12. Preparing a protocol and procedures manual for an outdoor adventure club (MUAS)
  13. Designing and building websites
  14. Political party policy documents

We really enjoy the sort of work that requires learning and deciphering how a new product or equipment works and designing effective information packages for you the client, and your end customer.

We are specialists in writing in plain English, writing simple instructions. Don't forget too, we can create illustrations that convey thousands of words.

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