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Sunday, 20 October 2013 12:17

Video production is a complicated process that when done well provides great communication. Done poorly and it can make you look like a comedian. And sometimes it isn't funny. Video production is more a black art. Sometimes we cannot quite put a finger on why one worked and one didn't. Probably the most difficult point to remember is the crossing point between engaging the audience and entertaining them without forgetting you are there to communicate meaning, understanding and helping them actually "get" what your points are.

But there are questions to ask that help clarify what is going to work.

  1. First is do you need video? Would a PowerPoint slide set do the job, or a Flash animation, or a document with illustrations and taut text?
  2. What is the essence of what the audience should know when they are finished?
  3. What style of video do you want to produce. This is important, do you want stern boring narration, humour, voice types (accents and narration voice can make a huge difference) is there a narrative story plot, like case studies? Should it be documentary style? Should it be dramatic? Making a cartoon of a complex control system for an infrastructure user guide might not work - but a cartoon about workplace bullying might.
  4. What on-screen props (mis-en-scene is the industry word) and other important content should be in the video.
  5. Who do you use in the video? Assuming you are on anything like the normal budget constraints you won't have one, but if you can get access to people with some performance experience it will make a huge difference. Remember, "talent" is called that for a reason - it takes some skill to talk to a camera. You might be able to get free actors - contact your local dramatic arts school at a University.

So the next series of steps once you have determined you need a video is to write the production documentation. Then you work out the locations. Write the script. Create a storyboard. Confirm your actors. Prepare the production. Then you can make your video!


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