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Tuesday, 10 December 2013 12:05

What I have recently realised again is how very tricky it is mapping what you have to train to what you have actually assessed, then making certain you captured all the things that needed to be assessed.

The real problem is tracking or mapping the training records to the developed training assessments. It means making certain that what was trained, what was assessed, and the evidence gathered actually MEETS the criteria laid out in the original assessment packages. And it is repetitive language, often language describing the same items in different ways across packages, rosy, flowery weasel words written to sound impressive - but say absolutely meaningless things.

Worse still, there are references to "periods of time" in a "range of workplace situations" which can prove difficult to meet when you are contracted by a workplace to assess - but you are only there to assess an individual during a portion of one of their shift cycles.

These problems are directly related to the assessment designers - industry groups who didn't think about the language they were using or cut and pasted between documents. Frankly, it is documentation by ignorance. And it shows. The people writing them didn't know what they wanted. They probably could not even describe in words what they wanted. No professional communicators were employed to work with them, there was no professional editing by someone who could see fundamental grammar and usage problems. Do something properly or do not do it at all.

If you want professional communication - employ someone who is actually able to design and create it.

A good start for the above problems would be writing in PLAIN English.

Industry training is now the de-facto training contributor in the Australian employment market, following a long period of TAFE college and equivalent governmental agency destruction. If the fundamental communication within the training industry is not good enough, then the training successes will be limited in a big way.

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